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[ 03-07-2017 ]

As we are all aware, casinos are numerous around the world ranging from large, extravagant properties in Las Vegas or Macau all the way down to one found in a simple city or town. The fact is blatantly clear, we all have a gambler’s spirit somewhere in our souls, seeking the thrill of the game to win big money. However, another fact coexists alongside it as well, in which not everyone can afford a trip or have the time to go to a brick-and-mortar casino, especially if they want to plan to go to places like Las Vegas, it is simply out of the question.

So what is the solution?

 Well, it is quite obvious to be honest. With the internet at its peak and steadily being accessible to everyone, casinos have started claiming their own place on the worldwide web. Top casinos around the world have joined in on the trend as well as those who are purely online casinos, forged and bred in the virtual world.

The differences now between a brick-and-mortar casino and that which is only online is that the online casino dominates and has the advantage. This is true for the brick-and-mortar casinos dominating the physical scene - it just makes sense that way. But now, since we are talking about online casinos, the choice is clear cut for those who also want to enjoy winning and do not need to make an itinerary.

Now that we have that fact straighten out, what about the online casinos in Malaysia, for those residing in the country? Easy answer there, since there are numerous Malaysian online casinos to pick from. With that said, let us now delved into those online casinos located in the country which are top rated online casinos.

The Top Community Rated Online Casinos in Malaysia

So with gambling being a legally permitted activity in Malaysia, alongside the love for trying your luck at the lottery, you can now enjoy from these following websites. According to the Common Gambling Houses Act of 1953, the usual brick-and-mortar casinos are banned and a fine can be incurred to those caught doing it, but this is not the case with Malaysia’s online casinos.

Because of this, we shall now delve into what they have to offer.

UCW1688 Casino

This online casino is perhaps one of the most, if not the highest, community rated online casino in not only Malaysia, but of the whole world. Almost everyone in the gambling Malaysia knows about UCW1688, and is usually their first go-to website to win big money.

It is perhaps the most popular bookie due to the several advantages it has over its competitors. These include having great transparency and availability across the globe - thus being truly international, being accessible on your mobile phone - ready on the go as well as being reliable, and backed by unique betting options and customer service that keep bringing its customers back again and again.

With UCW1688, you will be able to enjoy a vast array of top class sports and casino games. Play and compete with players around the world in poker, blackjack, bingo and numerous other favorites.

If you are only into spectating, the website has you covered because it is their specialty. Choose between watching your favorite football teams in the Malaysian Cup to the English Premier, Bundesliga and more.

With the UCW1688, never miss a beat as all coverage will be brought to your computer screen live and in full high definition.

Using the In-Play feature, make smart bets based on accurate information provided to you on an easy to read chart. Currently, In-Play covers tennis, table tennis, horse racing, even E-sports such as League of Legends, and everything else like basketball or volleyball.

When making bets, feel confident with their Cash Out feature so you can opt out before anything bad happens - losses do occur but they make it easy by giving its player and bettor base such a generous option.

Feel 100% secure that your information is kept safe by their highly robust Thawte SSL server security. If you ever need help, their lines are open 24/7 allowing you to speak with their hospitable and professional customer service agents at any time via Live Chat, telephone or e-mail.

The money you will be betting with (MYR) can come from a variety of sources such as Neteller, Ukash, Click2Pay and Paypal to name a few. You will also be able to withdraw as well as deposit in the Euro, GBP or USD and other foreign currencies.

BetFred Online Casino

Another top rated online casino is BetFred Casino.

BetFred Casino has a fascinating thing pulling out all the stops. Established by Fred Done in 1967 as a wagering shop in Salford, England, the betting goliath puts a vast concentrate on advancements and great payouts. As one of the bigger betting brands in Europe, you would anticipate that BetFred's online club will be extraordinary in practically every way.

Once again another British owned online casino has made it to the Malaysian market, and it dominates as well. The games found on there are perhaps not a numerous and robust as the previous, but they do have all the basics you need and all the original favorites in order for you to get your gambling career started.

One thing to note well about BetFred is that there is a 150% deposit bonus which anyone can avail when they meet the requirements. Malaysians and surely take advantage of this and get more out of their MYR ringgits than never before! This is why BetFred is known in the world as the “Bonus King”, go figure!

Royal Vegas Casino

The next top rated online casino in Malaysia is another foreign owned domain called Royal Vegas Casino.

At the Royal Vegas Casino, one can enjoy their huge promotion bonuses which are ongoing right now. It is called their “New Player Promotion” in which a possibility of having 1,200 USD (~5000 MYR) is available, for FREE.

To avail this promotion, one would need to have a minimum of 40 rollovers and meeting deposit requires of either 200 USD, 250 USD, or 750 USD. Either way this is also a place for a those who can spend big bucks, but what online casino isn’t?

The games available are common to almost all online casinos out there but take note that they do have a huge progressive jackpots available for you to lick up lips at. Just looking at the possibility of winning this jackpots alone can make any Malaysian ready to shell out big bucks!

So this concludes our overview of the top rated online casinos available and enjoyed by many Malaysia as of now. While these are the top 3, numerous other casinos are available for those who would want a smaller player base or perhaps enjoy bonuses which are fresh and new. Either way you pick, you won’t make a wrong decision, this is for sure. So we encourage you to get on out there, well not literally (just go on your computer), and make a killing!