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[ 27-06-2017 ]

Welcome fellow kawan-kawan to UCW1688! If you in search for an online casino that treats their player base well, then to be frank you need not to look any further. With UCW1688, every newcomer and existing member receives special bonuses which they can avail at any time. These bonuses include a welcome bonus upon signing in for the first time, daily deposit bonuses which are available every time you play and much much more.

First and foremost, let us begin by educating you about the most popular bonus available that are enjoyed by many of our players today. Once you are well informed of what UCW1688 has in store, it will be easy to understand why so many players play with us. All you need to do is join in on the fun and then you can proceed to have a fantastic experience.

The Welcome Bonuses - Come and Enjoy a Grand Welcome

By simply joining and starting up an account at UCW1688, you will immediately be met with a welcome bonus. There are in fact three welcome bonuses you can avail when you sign up which are the 100% welcome bonus, the 100% welcome bonus for slot games and soccer, and the 60% welcome bonus

Starting off with the 100% sign up bonus, players will be be able to receive exactly a 100% increase when they cash out. Eligibility is observed when the account is new, a minimum of 30 MYR is deposited and fulfilling at least 25 rollovers before withdrawal. When talking about rollovers, it is important to note that draws or betting on both opposing sides are not included as a legitimate rollover.

Next we have the 100% initial bonus for those who are only into playing slots or betting on soccer/football games. Similar to the previously mentioned bonus, a 30 MYR deposit is required before fully enjoying this promotion. Also instead of 25 rollovers, you only need 20 to be able to avail and enjoy the additional winnings when withdrawing. Again, since this is only for soccer/football and slot games, any other game would not count towards building the rollover count.

Finally on the welcome bonus list we have the 60% welcome bonus. This bonus grants the newcomer free bets upon creating a new account. The amount of free bets amounts to 30 chances. As for the requirements, all you need to do is deposit a minimum amount of 50 MYR and all for verification. Once you have been verified, you can enjoy 30 completely free bets to use on Sportsbooks, Horseracing and the like. We can simply say, enjoy!

It is to be noted that any abuse in accounts, such as having multiple accounts, is subject to termination of all known accounts. UCW1688 does reserve the right to do this for all available bonuses to ensure fair play for the whole player base.

The Daily Deposit Bonuses - Receiving an Extra Treat Every Single Day

Allow us to now inform you about the daily deposit bonuses we have available. Currently, UCW1688 has two daily deposit bonuses for you to take advantage of as a new member and those who have been with us. Be delighted to know that you can always have the option to receive this bonus once a day, either the 20% or 10% version.\

About the 20% deposit bonus per day which entitles you to 20% extra earnings when cashing out, the requirements go as follows:

A minimum of 50 MYR is required to be eligible for this bonus.

Everyday a limit to up to 288 MYR is set, so make sure you take full advantage of this!

Finally a minimum of 15 rollovers are needed before making a withdrawal. This ensures you to multiply your winnings in order to cash out with even more money in the end.

Now that we have covered the 20% daily deposit bonus, what is the 10% daily deposit bonus about? Much like the bigger brother, you are entitled to a 10% increase in your winnings. The differences go as follows:

  • A minimum of 7 rollovers are required before cashing out to ensure bigger earnings and your dedication in playing with us.
  • A maximum bonus of 388 MYR is available, so once again you should take full advantage of this to get the most out of your games.
  • Keep in mind that rollovers must be fair and that you should not place bets on two opposing sides. A draw is also not considered as a valid rollover.

It is to be noted that any abuse in accounts, such as having multiple accounts, is subject to termination of all known accounts. UCW1688 does reserve the right to do this for all available bonuses to ensure fair play for the whole player base.

The Birthday Bonus - A Great Treat for Your Special Day

Is it your birthday today? Why not further liven up your day by availing a birthday bonus just for you. Play, eat cake and enjoy the most popular bonus that no one wants to ever miss!

This promotion is available for all active members whose annual special day had finally arrived. This is one bonus that we recommend you to never miss. Let us take a look at what is offered.

What do you get?

Receive MYR 65 to start your day off beefed-up and ready to go!

How does it work?

  1. Call up customer service between 10 am to 6 pm.
  2. Present a valid ID.
  3. Receive your free MYR 65!

Important Information to Take into Account

* Must have made a minimum deposit of at least 6 times.

* The deposits must occur within 1 week before or after your birthday.

* Bonus must be redeemed within 1 week before or after your birthday.

* The birthday bonus is claimable only once a year - as it should be.

Now that the birthday bonus is secure in your account, go forth and start winning big along with the other bonuses. We wish you the best birthday ever.

There you have it fellow bettors, gamblers and casino lovers, total full information about the bonuses UCW1688 has to be used at your disposal. At all times we want to make sure that our player base is satisfied, as has been exemplified by those who keep coming back for more. It is because of their satisfaction that makes us satisfied so we take pride in that.

Stay tuned for more information of our bonuses because this is only scratching the surface. Other bonuses such as “Unlimited Deposit Bonus”, “Perfect Attendance Bonus” and even a refer-a-friend bonus await you here at UCW1688. So come over and get started!