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[ 19-06-2017 ]

Playing the lottery has been one of the most common pastimes of people in the Eastern part of the world, and one of them is Malaysia. The Malaysian government deemed the lottery as a legal activity since it generates a high-value of income for them. Also, it does not really hurt to pay a small amount and win a big prize, right? That is why lottery has been selected by the common people to wager their money.

One of these lottery games is known by its name as 4D (which means 4-Digits). Similar to 'Pick 4' of Canada and U.S., 4D is played by choosing a preferred 4-digit number from 0000 to 9999. Once done, twenty-three (23) will be drawn each time and if it matches a player's chosen number, a prize is won.

Although there are three providers who operate 4D in Malaysia, the very first company who was licensed by the Malaysian government is the Magnum 4D (the others are Sports Toto and Da Ma Cai).


With the help of Magnum 4D's evolution to cope up with technology, they are now offering online lottery to provide a more convenient and faster gaming along with additional benefits.

Before the technology boomed and dominated the world, playing the lottery took a lot of time and effort. Players from before struggled so much just to have a shot of winning the jackpot. Since then, playing the lottery has evolved so much that when the operators (or also called Number Forecast Operators) was able to cope with the advancement of modern technology, playing the lottery has been much more convenient and faster than it ever was. Now, you can just download an app on the phone or check a website using a computer to be able to play 4D in Malaysia and check results. Additional note, Magnum results are accurate as to avoid confusion from players.


There are a lot of ways on how you can win amazing prizes by playing 4D Malaysia. Other people often rely on luck but if you know how to manage your time and money, as well as the way you play your bet, the possibility of winning is higher.

One tip you can do is review past results. This will allow you to study patterns to be able to forecast better. By checking the past results, choosing a number to bet on is not going to be a hassle and it also increases your possibility of winning the jackpot.

Another tip you can do is prepare a separate money or bankroll to serve as a pool for lottery winning. This is very helpful if you are a frequent lottery player since it allows you to use a separate money and you will be able to control the frequency of your bets. This also allows you to choose carefully on what numbers you are going to bet on. With this, you are able to maximize your bets efficiently.

You also need to be patient in playing the 4D since it will push you to your limits and you will be disappointed at times. Remember, patience is the key characteristic for any player in general, and if you let your guard down, something bad might happen. You will need the money and time to maintain your focus in winning the lottery.


Magnum 4D offers the convenience of playing 4D in Malaysia. They are dedicated serving better by providing the best service not only with the lottery operation itself but also, their interaction with their customers. Additionally, their operation is accessible via phone and computer so betting and checking Magnum results have been easier. Their promise of continuous service is a good assurance to its local and international clients for better and faster transactions.